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VIP - The Benefits

  • Smoke it anytime, anywhere. VIP Electronic Cigarettes are not banned in public places.
  • Looks and acts like a real cigarette but is battery operated, non-flammable and doesn't use tobacco.
  • Replicates the sensation of real cigarettes and delivers a 'hit' of nicotine that satisfies your cravings, VIP Electronic Cigarettes also emits vapour which appears like smoke.
  • VIP Electronic Cigarettes contain none of the tar, additives or carcinogens found in tobacco based products.


Electronic cigarette in the news

Electronic Cigarettes have had plenty of media coverage. Watch the videos now.

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Electronic Cigarettes - The Technology

VIP Electronic Cigarettes looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette. What makes it better are the reduced health risks, freedom to smoke anywhere, no second hand smoke and lower cost.

Our new mini-style electronic cigarette or e cig, the VIP Electronic Cigarettes, is now available in Europe for the first time.

1 year manufacturer warranty

VIP has changed my life, it's helped me to quit smoking and saved me money